My dog needs to stay on leash for photographs – will I still get good pictures?

One of the most common questions I am asked is about taking the dog off leash for his photo session. Clients want to make sure that their dog is safe if he can’t be trusted off leash, but of course want to assure that  they will still get good pictures.

Of course the answer is “YES!”   I know… you browse the internet and see the amazing images of dogs without leashes. But I bet that most were photographed with their leashes on. 

In fact almost every dog I photograph is kept on a leash during his or her dog photography session. Keeping the dogs on leash not only keeps them safe, but also allows me to have the dogs in just the right place to capture the beautiful pictures you desire!

All it takes is the magic of photoshop to remove those leashes and bring you stunning pet portraits.

Here are a few “before and after” pictures to show you the image as I take it straight out of the camera, no leash removal or editing of any kind, and  then the final image.

Here is Kyla. She’s a friendly Labrador cross breed. We chose this lovely spring field at Earl Bales Park in North York, Ontario, to do her photo shoot. There are some really great spots for photos there. You’ll see that her Dad is standing close enough to hold the leash. Of course I removed him too!

Georgie is a cute little Bichon. His photography session was at his home in Delray Beach, Florida. He was on a leash for his entire session but you would never know from this picture. Here is the Before and After. I even had to remove his Dad.

I just love this dog’s cute pose. I don’t remember his name! He’s a shelter dog and I shoot so many of them that their names don’t always stick.

Here’s Scruffy’s before and after! We had her perched on this log for one of her pictures but as usual she was wearing her leash. I made the mistake of not getting her Mom to put the leash behind her, which is one of my “photo session rules”. But I really liked the picture so I took the time to remove the leash from her body.

Now you’ve seen how the magic of photoshop works.

After each photo shoot I choose the best images to edit and leash removal is part of that process. So, even if your dog is an untrained puppy, totally wild or chases squirrels, we can still get beautiful, natural images of your dogs.  

Hopefully your doubts are now put to rest and you can feel comfortable in booking a dog photography session in the Greater Toronto area {including Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Etobicoke, The Beach, Scarborough, Mississauga} or Southeast Florida.

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