Preparing for your dog photography session

A day or two before the session (preferably not the day of)  it is a good idea to get your dog bathed and groomed so he or she looks their best.

Bring some of their favourite toys if they are into chasing or catching balls or frisbees and some yummy dog treats.I will also bring treats, but since some dogs have allergies or special preferences it is best to have your own.

A collar will be better than a harness for the photos and if possible remove all hanging tags. Leashes will, in most cases, remain on the dog and will be removed in processing the images. I will bring long lines to the photo session.

Plan to arrive at the location 15 minutes prior to the start time to acclimatize your dog to the area.

If we will be photographing at your home, take some time to identify rooms that provide a lot of natural light and at what time of day. Please declutter the rooms we will be using.

If you wish to family members to be included in some of the photos, try to plan your wardrobe so you are co-ordinated.

Check the gallery for adorable dog photos