Photography of Dogs in the city | Toronto

Interested in dog photography in your city? I recently embarked on a photography project doing photo shoots of dogs in the city.

I realized that all my dog photography sessions were in natural outdoor locations such as parks, the beach, pretty gardens and a few at people’s homes. I wanted to show clients that a city location can be great too and highlight some iconic landmarks of your city at the same time.

I put out a model call for people who were interested in participating in a City Dog photoshoot and received a slew of interested dog models! Yes, people do really like to have professional photos of their dogs!

Last week I did my first city dog photography session and I think we got some amazing photos taken in downtown Toronto.

Here are a few highlights of Jacob, a Border Collie mix. He was a great dog model, and really shone for the camera. I think he enjoyed the attention since at home he has to share his human Mom and Dad's affection with two other dogs!