Toronto dog photographer's tips for photographing small dogs

Here are a couple of simple tips for taking better images of your toy or small dog breeds.

  • Firstly, make sure that you zoom in or come close. Unless you want to draw attention to the large world around him and have him just a small spot in a big frame, don’t leave a lot of extra space surrounding the dog.

  • Secondly, make sure you do get down on the dogs level! If you shoot from above you will not get a very pleasing or engaging picture. Take a look at this. Do you feel as though you are part of the dog’s world? Do you feel that the dog is engaging with you?  I certainly do not.


Don’t shoot from above

There is no connection between the dog and the viewer in this photo. It would be totally different if I shot this from the same level as the dog.


Do shoot at the dogs level

In this photo I am lying on the ground and there is definitely a greater connection with the little Miniature Dachshund

But here I am shooting from really low down - on the same level as the dog and it’s a far different story. The dog is looking at me. I feel connected to the dog and she with me!

Okay so maybe you don’t want to lie on the ground. I get it! But the solution is easy! Raise your your small dog up on a surface.

Here are some images of small dog photography in and around the Toronto area. Notice how I have  raised them enough that I did not have to literally lie on the ground!  Furthermore they do not appear to be dwarfed by their surroundings.

You can see that I like to use wooden structures for a rustic look, when I am in a park or other natural area. But of course if you’re in the city feel free to raise your pup up on walls or any other elevated surface that you can find!

Now it is time for you to take your tiny dog on a photographic adventure!  Look for benches, stairs, logs or tables.

Or contact me for a professional dog photography session in the Toronto area and I’ll capture precious moments of your dog at his or her best! You will be certain to have photos that are print worthy! 

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