It is the Year of the Dog in Chinese Astrology

2018 is also designated as an Earth year, which is one of the five elements in the Chinese zodiac, the others being wood, fire, gold and water. An Earth Dog year only comes around once every 60 years.

People born in the Dog Year are said to be, just like our furry friends, loyal, friendly, kind and honest Their most defining characteristic is their loyalty. They will never abandon their friends, family or work.  Doesn’t that sound just like your own dogs?

Everyone can benefit from a Dog friend for advice and help. I can’t think of any better traits for a person to have!  

Unfortunately the year 2018 does not appear to be very lucky for people born in the year of the Dog. In Chinese astrology, years that share your birth sign are thought to bring bad luck.

So for all of you that are born in the Year of the Dog, I hope that the predictions are wrong! I wish you all the best – good health, happiness, friendship and prosperity.

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