Photographing dogs at play | Toronto dog photographer

I am still participating in the 52 week Pet Photography Project and this week’s theme is Play Time. I love this theme!
I love to watch dogs at play. You cannot help but have a smile on your face when you watch dogs just being dogs - running and retrieving and playing with each other or alone.


When I do a dog photo shoot I always try to incorporate some of these photos of dogs at play. My clients really love to have pictures of their fur babies with ears flying, tails wagging and happy smiling faces. These photos are always among their choices for their dog photo albums.

I’ll ask my clients to bring a favourite toy if their dog likes to play fetch or retrieve. If they don’t, then we will get pictures of them happily running to their humans for a treat or a game of roughhousing. I’ll crank up my shutter speed and fire away capturing the most joyful and candid photos.

When there are more than one dog at a shoot and if we can safely remove leashes, I will snap away at the dogs playing together.

If you want pictures like these of your fur babies, just click below and we will set up a time for your pet photo session in the Toronto or Southeast Florida areas.

Angela Schneider of Noses and Toes Pet Photography has some more smile inducing images of dogs at play. Just click here to see.
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