Pet Photography shoot for a Community and Environmental Cause

Mother Erth empowers low-income mothers in the Phillipines to be self sustaining. These skilled artisans  create beautiful accessories from waste that cannot be recycled. So at the same time as helping to break the poverty cycle for these women, they are also creating a grassroots movement to eliminate plastic waste and therefore aid in environmental health as well.

Local partners in the Phillipines collect discarded plastic from factories before it reaches the landfill. They clean it, cut it, and prepare it for the artisan moms in local communities who use their tradition of hand weaving to repurpose the strips of plastic packaging into beautiful and vibrant accessories.

The items are sold at fair-wage prices so that the mothers are able to improve their circumstances.

When you buy a Mother Erth bag you keep pollution from our environment and give mother artisans in rural areas access to markets to stop the poverty cycle.

We photographed 2 dogs and 2 cats using the lovely pet beds and carriers created by these talented women. 

Terri is truly amazing!

She took the time to understand our needs and was amazing from our initial email correspondence, calls and to the big day, completely bringing our vision to life.

Terri has great knowledge of animals and an amazing ability to capture special moments – the natural lighting, background, the animal’s energy and expressions. Every animal is different but her patience and experience really helps capture the best photos!

The day we had our photo shoot planned for turned out to be very cloudy so we were all concerned about how it would turn out, but when we saw the photos we were pleasantly surprised that they were radiant and beautiful. We loved the way she integrated setting, natural light, and the personalities of the pets and models to “capture the magic”. Terri was an absolute pleasure to work with & we couldn’t be happier with our stunning pictures!
— Mother Earth Inc.

Thanks to Mother Erth for giving me this honour!

More information on Mother Erth 

Here are some of the images.