My dog won't sit still for a portrait session!

Little Georgie is a perfect example!  It took his parents a year to decide to let me “try” a photo session with him. “He will never sit still, he won’t listen” was what they said! 

Well here is the proof. Some wonderful pictures came out of that session – he was actually a dog photographers dream – he did exactly as we asked him to do!

Of course he was not taken off leash, that was removed in portrait editing . Ninety percent of dogs are photographed with their leashes on, especially if we have the session at a public park or area in Toronto.  I have done some beach photo sessions where the dogs were off leash, but it is more difficult to keep them where you want them, unless they have a perfect “stay” and a great recall.

The book is wonderful. I showed it to some of the ladies and they loved it. Your work is amazing!
— Bernie K ~ Toronto, Florida

So don’t let the idea that your dog may not behave deter you from booking a pet photography session. You will be amazed at the wonderful dog portraits you will have as keepsakes and future memories of your beloved pets!

Here are some of my favourite portraits of Georgie!