Dogs in the City Photography

The theme for this week’s 52 Week Pet Photography Project in which I am participating together with some talented pet photographers from around the world, is “City Life”.

As soon as I heard this I realized that I have not done many dog photo shoots depicting City Life or urban settings.  It seems that whether I am photographing dogs in Toronto area or Southeast Florida, they all seem to be in natural areas, parks, gardens or the beach.

I scoured my archives only to find 2 images that I could post for this topic and here they are below.

I know I really do need to broaden my portfolio with images of pets in the city or urban areas.

But aside from that, I think it’s wonderful for people to have images of their furry friends that highlight some of the wonderful areas of the city in which they live.

So I decided to offer some free “Dogs in the City” photography sessions to enhance my portfolio and to give clients an idea of what they may consider when discussing a location for their pet’s photo shoot.

I will be offering 3 free shoots in Toronto.  If you are reading this and would like to be considered, please feel free to contact me to discuss your dog and if he or she may the one of those that I choose! I am looking for medium sized dogs with terrific personalities! Dogs must be well-behaved.

Note that I will be considering applications up until 20th June, 2019 after which time I will choose the 3 that seem to be the best fit.

Contact me here. I am so looking forward to hearing more about your furry friends!

I am sure that of Lyndall of Floppy Ears Photography in Sydney Australia has a better choice of City Life images.  Click here to have a look! Then follow the link from her page to the next to view all the posts on this topic.

If you want to browse through some lovely dog pictures, even though not city related, follow the link to the Gallery