Using Bokeh in Dog Photography | North York Dog Photographer

What can be more pleasing than a pet portrait with a beautiful blurry background? The term used for this is “bokeh”. So what is “bokeh”?

It is of Japanese origin and refers to blur or a blurry quality, and it is commonly used in portrait photography where you will notice a very “soft” or blurry background with your subject beautifully in focus.  Sometimes the image simply has a soft background blur, while at other times you will notice soft, out of focus circular highlights that are formed by small pinpoints of light.

This technique is used for portrait photography as it helps to focus the viewer on the subject of the photo while creating a very pleasing background.  It is also amazing for dog photography and I will use this technique in all of my photo sessions. Those amazing lenses I use definitely contribute to some great bokeh in my pet portraits.

Here are some examples of bokeh in dog photography.

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