A Greyhound dog photo session | Toronto High Park

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing two beautiful greyhounds, Angie and Laila. Their human Mom, Marissa, chose High Park in Toronto for their on-location pet photography shoot because Angie and Laila hang out there a lot! It is a beautiful location with gardens, a pond and some lovely natural areas as well.

Angie was rescued from the life of a racing greyhound. If you would like to learn more about the troubling life as a racing greyhound, check out this link for National Greyhound Adoption Program . While some trainers do take care of and treat their dogs with respect, it is known that there are some some abusive situations in the sport of greyhound racing. As mentioned by the NGAP, this is not a sport about fast dogs, but a form of gaming where profit is more important than the care of the dogs and dogs are pretty much expendable depending on their age and ability.

So happily, Angie went from being a racing greyhound to living life as a beloved pet, doted on by her human “Mom” and enjoying her days relaxing and taking long walks in Toronto’s High Park.

Laila is a Galgo (Spanish Greyhound) and was previously a hunting dog. You can see how she is constantly on the lookout for small animals such as the squirrels and chipmunks that kept her attention drawn for much of the time during our session.

The Fall colours were just starting to appear in early October, a stunning time for a dog photography session in Toronto.

I love how the slightly orange colour of their fur blends with each other and the golden light of the day.

These two girls are so gentle - just a look at their sweet faces shows that - one can not help enjoy being in their presence. And that is exactly how I felt about photographing them. I really enjoyed the company of these two beauties.


This is part of a blog circle in which I am participating with other really talented dog photographers from around the world! This week’s theme is “Orange”. For another take on the theme, please visit Angela Schneider, the Spokane dog photographer, who unabashedly celebrates your love for your dog.