Teddy Bear Dog Photography Session

This adorable mini pup is Miley. Miley’s Mom had seen some photographs of a Teddy Bear dog - one of those designer breeds that have become popular. She had her heart set on this new baby and so they purchased one from a breeder in the USA.  However Miley didn’t turn out to look anything like the typical Teddy Bear dog!  That can happen with a “new” breed that is not firmly established. Nevertheless she is beloved by the entire family.  

We decided to have her photography session one beautiful spring morning at the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens,  a lovely park in Toronto.  We were graced by amazing spring flowers, green grass and lovely architectural details. Miley's family were thrilled with her photographs and now have a wonderful keepsake photo book to browse the lovely pictures. 

Miley posed for us among the flowers providing for some bright colours in her photographs.  The pathways and architectural details offer an alternative backdrop for a complete photo session.

She also had a good time running so we were able to capture her doing what she so enjoys - zooming at full speed around the back yard! Of course as she was in an unsecured space, she was on leash at all times but that was removed in the photo editing process.

This park really is a great choice for a Toronto area professional dog photography session!

Thanks so much for capturing these amazing pictures of Miley! The photo session was relaxed and enjoyable!
— Dan J. ~ Thornhill

~ Professional pet photographer, Toronto ~