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Terri was amazing with my two dogs. The photo shoot was easy and she picked out some great spots I wouldn’t even have considered if it weren’t for her expertise. What I was really impressed with was her preparation. She knew the area, had treats to bribe my dogs and even sound effects to catch their attention. Thanks for everything, Terri!
— Heidi T ~ Toronto
Thank you so much Terri! They are amazing! I shared them with Hugo’s mom too. You are certainly talented!!
— Vanessa A ~ Boca Raton, Florida
Oh Terri! These are so beautiful. My eyes are teared up and my mouth dry from hanging open.
Thank you so much! You did such a beautiful job.
— Stephanie M ~ Toronto
Thanks for these amazing photos of Miley. The session was so enjoyable!
— Dan J ~ Toronto
Thank you for these beautiful photos of Boo Kee. You are very talented!
— R. D. ~ Toronto
I love the album! My jaw dropped open when I saw those amazing pictures.
— Linda K ~ Florida
Thanks for these wonderful photos and the fast turn-around time!
— Artur L ~ Toronto
Wow, that is exactly Daisy!. You really captured her personality!
— Marlene R ~ Florida
I received the print yesterday - it looks fantastic. Thanks for everything Terri!
— Evelyne B ~ Toronto